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Nolarma is an independent shipbroking company active in the shipping market since more than 60 years.The first company of Nolarma group was established in Genoa in 1961.Thanks to our professionalism and know how, we have become a point of reference in the shipping market. Over the years, we have increasingly specialized to offer a complete suite of services, from brokering to operations, from long term projects to agency services, all to provide highest-level support to our clients

Carbon credits

Road to shipping net zero emissions

Green-house gases emission is a serious threat which is affecting our world since ever and it’s compromising our future. Shipping is responsible for 2-3% of global CO2 emissions. The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has set a goal to cut shipping total emission by 2050. Starting from 2024, shipping industry has been called to provide a concrete contribution to the decarbonization throughout the EU Emission Trading System. In the context of the EU ETS, an EUA (European Union Allowance) is a tradable unit that gives the holder the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2).


360 degrees shipping support

Nolarma has decades of experience in providing a full and wide range of services to cover its clients’ needs under all shipping aspects. We take advantage from our company big organization and worldwide presence to follow our customers with the utmost attention and professionality with tailor-made solutions.

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